Malaysia’s homegrown beauty pageant continue to build its line of remarkable successions with Miss Korea’s emergence as their bright new star.

Soyeon Lim crowned as Miss Cosmopolitan World 2018. Photo by Miss Cosmopolitan World

This fashion model from South Korea is a believer of opportunities when she decided to try her hand in an international beauty pageant. Crowned among other 28 participants, Lim Soyeon’s unyielding resolution is to always be the best version herself; and with that, poise and confidence paved the way for her.

Besides being crowned Miss Cosmopolitan World 2018, you also won ‘The Time Keeper’. Can you tell us more about this special award?

‘The Time Keeper’ is awarded for the candidate who is most punctual and diligent during 3 weeks of activities. I did not want to ruin any planned activity by being late so I always try to arrive at least 15 minutes before call time. I think that is why I got the The Time Keeper’ sub-title.

During your pageant travel around Malaysia, which destination do you love most?

My favourite is Ipoh, Perak. All the girls challenged themselves by climbing, hiking and exploring. Especially, me and my group went to explore a 400 million-year-old cave. It was very challenging but worth it because we witnessed some amazing landscape and even fossil. This was not the end. We even had Hawaiian theme barbecue dinner. It is one of the most unforgettable moments.

What would you pick for a day out if you are given three options to choose between sneakers, sandals or heels?

Sandals for sure. Beautiful heels are uncomfortable. To wear sneakers, I need to wear socks inside. Sandals make me feel free!

What have you gained from participating in Miss Cosmopolitan World 2018?

Definitely, social skills and friendship. Through 3 weeks of pageant, I lived with 28 girls from different countries and friends in Malaysia. It was hard at first to adjust myself in this community and change my lifestyle to the schedule. However, avoidance is not key. I approached girls who had similar problems to me, talked and listened to their stories. When you approach someone with a sincere heart, they will treat you in the same way.

If you have to pick a food that you can only eat for your entire lifetime, what would it be?

Pizza! I am a crazy pizza lover.

Given the opportunity for the entire world to hear you, what would your message be?

I would like to say opportunity only arises to those who step out of their comfort zone and reaches out. You need to find courage and know that if there is an opportunity; you must grab it. Be confident and love yourself.

Name three things that you must have with you when travelling.

A handbag full of makeup tools, candies and a camera.

What are your plans after winning Miss Cosmopolitan World 2018?

I will first focus on my study to graduate next year. Also, I would like to work as this pageant’s ambassador to spread the message of Miss Cosmopolitan World. About how this beauty pageant is contributing to the society and encouraging social responsibility. Furthermore, if there are any social activities or events that I can contribute to, I hope to be a part of it.

Soyeon Lim. Photo by Miss Cosmopolitan World

Facts on Miss Korea

Full name: Soyeon Lim
Age: 23
Hometown: Busan, South Korea
Education: Business Management in Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hobby: Dancing, learning languages, playing piano
Instagram: S.limo218

Text by Jessy Wong

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