For a prosperous private time off, The Asa Group got your back in promising you a premium style of holiday where you can rent the entire Koh Rang Noi private island to yourself.

A Privy Retreat

The private island is only 6 kilometres away from the Royal Phuket Marina and you can choose to rent the whole island or choose from the 3 villas to stay in. All the Thai villas are equipped with an infinity pool and access to the secluded beach.

Authentic Thai influences are the concept behind building the villas. You’ll be greeted with large stone structures, paintings and carved oriental furniture. The small Guest House has 5 bedrooms to boast while the Upper House has 6 bedrooms, cinema, gym, spa and karaoke room. For a bigger crowd accommodation, the Main House has 8 bedrooms for guests, a games room, gym and spa.

Exclusive Activities to Unwind

Rest assured that you can get all the top-notch services in the secluded private island. You will be greeted with staffs bearing beverages upon arrival with plenty of spas treatment in the oriental villas.

There are also jet skis, paddle boards, kayak, windsurfers besides sport boats wake boarding for an ultimate water sports pursuit. The Asa Group even have their Blue Water 70’ (foot) Yacht and ‘Majesty 56’ (foot) Yacht available for rent.

A Thai Indulgence

Open for both leisure or corporate events, you can see more of this luxurious offer here or email them at them to find out about the pricing.

By Jessy Wong

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