Another disaster has struck the beautiful honeymoon island of Lombok in Indonesia last night as of 6:46pm in Indonesian time when a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hits the island.

The earthquake happened in North Lombok in North Nusa Tenggara region and it was felt all the way to Bali and other parts in East Java. This is the second earthquake to hit Lombok, often dubbed as sister island of Bali, in 2 weeks after the first quake killed more than dozen people.

This earthquake has currently killed at least 91 people and damaged thousands of homes in Lombok. Early warnings of tsunami has been warned to possibly take effect according to the Indonesian Agency for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics.

Photo by Reuters: Antara Foto/Ahmad Subaidi

Despite the tremor, Lombok International Airport (Lombok) and Ngurah Rai International Airport (Bali) will continue to operate as usual. The tourism of Indonesia urged tourists to stay calm and be alert with their surroundings. You can keep yourself updated through recommended official sources like  @infoBMKG and @BNPB_Indonesia on Twitter.

The last major tsunami took place in December of 2004 when a magnitude of 9.1 earthquake in island of Sumatra caused the death of 230,000 people in various countries with the worst tsunami aftermath in Banda Acheh, Indonesia.

Words by Jessy Wong

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