Get the scoop on how to travel happily from happiness guru, Xandria Ooi as she shares her foolproof way to pack without sacrificing style and how to set a positive mindset for a holiday you will never forget.

In an era where everything can be documented and posted on Youtube, from makeup tutorials to video game reviews, it is refreshing to find a channel that advocates happiness for people out there who seek it. Motivational speaker, writer, jet setter and all-round fashionista, Xandria Ooi is the creator of just that, spreading optimism and positivity in less than 3 minutes. A dose of that and your morning coffee will get your mind energised for the rest of the day.

Her positivity is contagious when you are around her. It is reflected in her genuine smile, the colour of her clothes and even the bounciness of her bob haircut. On her Instagram feed, you get to see Xandria’s vibrant sense of style against city and nature backdrops during her jaunts around the world.

Packing Like A Pro

It made me wonder about her packing routine because fashionistas pack a lot of clothes, right? “For packing, I just like to roll everything up. I don’t like two-pieces quite as much, I much prefer a one piece because it’s easy and I don’t have to think very hard when packing,” she said, addressing the many flowing dresses that she sports frequently on her Instagram.

Xandria believes in the power of planning when it comes to packing and heavily depends on the weather of the destination she is going to. Living in a warm country makes summer travelling a breeze for her. She explained that, “Summer is not as difficult because we’re used to dressing in Malaysia so you’ve worn something before and already know that the blue earrings go with this shirt.”

Prepared and stylish as can be, Xandria still prefers to strut in a pair of flip flops. She has an admiration for her FitFlops, a flip flop brand known for their comfort technology. “I went to New York for a month and I walked everywhere in my ugly FitFlops because they are so comfortable.” She even thanked that same footwear for the toned lower half of her body.

Her travels have brought Xandria to colder climates and though she prefers summer trips, it has not stopped her from venturing to countries like Japan in the cold season when it snows. Her average 3-hour ritual to pack for winter includes organizing her clothes into full outfits for each day. This crucially includes her Uniqlo HeatTech inners which are a game changer to her winter experience. “I remember the first time I went to Japan, it was miserable and I didn’t enjoy myself. I thought I was getting the flu all the time because I was just cold. That was before I discovered Uniqlo HeatTech.”

Travel Bucket List

Xandria’s lust for travel has taken her all across Asia, Europe and the States. She happily explained that food is one her main reason to travel. It is no surprise since she once hosted a food and travel show. She has been to Japan 3 times in 2017 alone due to her love of Japanese cuisine and she loves to go there with her family and friends.

A visit to Spain tickled her taste buds as she discovered that the palate of the Spaniards matched that of a Malaysian. “Everything is flavourful in Spain whether it’s cheese or salsa, similar to Malaysian curry or laksa. Even though it’s a completely different cuisine, it gives off the same feeling,” she said.

As for her dream vacation, she stated South Africa as the place she would like to visit next if she has the chance. She raves about the possibilities of venturing into the wilderness while still experiencing luxury accommodation through glamping.

Enjoying Your Holiday

Though packing, the food and all that planning can get overwhelming, Xandria points out how preparing your mindset for the holiday is as  important. “You must understand that you are travelling to a foreign land with different people and cultures. Things can go wrong because everything is new to you,” Xandria said adding that “When we go on a holiday, we don’t realise how much joy can be taken away from us just by how our mind functions when things don’t work out the way it should.”

She advocates not getting stressed out because you may never get the chance to go back to that particular time and destination. Instead, absorb it all in while you can. “Part of truly enjoying a holiday is to live in the moment. Don’t force yourself, even if the food is not good, there’s always something for you to experience there.”

Xandria’s Winter Packing Tips

1 Vacuum pack bulky items like your coats. Xandria gets her vacuum packs from Daiso

2 Wear thermal wear underneath your clothes. Xandria swears by the HeatTech line from Uniqlo

3 Do not underestimate winter accessories like a wool sock and ear muffs, they can keep you warm for a hassle-free holiday

See more of Xandria’s fashion style on her Instagram or get a dose of happiness from her Youtube channel.

Words by Aishah Azali


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