Editor Aishah Azali, frequent traveller for all occasions shares her guide to staying fresh and beautiful while abroad. Here she shares her hair styling tips when getting ready for a business meeting.

My hair is a big part of my identity and ever since I stopped cutting it short in 2016, maintaining this wavy mane has been a lot of trial and errors. But after many trips abroad and using a plethora of tools and products, I have gotten a grip of what works for my hair.

When travelling for work, there are days where I would need to attend meetings with important clients, government officials and lately, travel consulate representatives. It is different from my sightseeing days where I opt for a casual look. This ‘business’ look usually requires me to look polished without sacrificing my signature style (I love ribbons!).

Out of all gadgets, the hair dryer is the 3 in 1 tool that I gravitate for when I need to step up my hair game. An easy one that is travel-friendly is the Panasonic Dual Voltage Travel nanoe Hair Dryer that has a foldable handle and lightweight design.


I always start with a heat protecting spray on my damp hair. I let it air dry for a bit before using the medium setting on the hair dryer. The hair dryer has 3 settings- turbo, set and cool but I always use ‘set’ to maintain the waviness of my hair. The quick drying nozzle and balanced airflow allows for fast drying that saves me a lot of time.






Next is to straighten my bangs. I use a barrel brush to achieve the bounce and set the hair dryer to the ‘turbo’ setting for some heat. I blow my bangs forward, curling it at the ends. Even though it’s on a turbo setting, my hair still retains shine and moisture thanks to the nanoe emitting function.




I enhance my waves using the same barrel brush, twirling a section of my hair around it before applying heat. I make sure to evenly distribute the heat around my curls before pulling the brush down and out. This creates a perfectly bouncy curl.







After enough bounce on my bottom curls, I gather my hair up into a high ponytail and secure it with a rubber band. I create some volume by scrunching my hair upward and as a final touch, I tie a black ribbon. To keep my hair from getting frizzy, I blast some cool air to set everything in place before spraying some hair spray.

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