To people who have a holy relationship with their smartphone and refuse to unplug for travel, then turn it into the ultimate travelling tool with these nifty apps for a smooth hassle-free trip abroad. Download away!


Free on iOS and Android

Packing for a trip can be a tribulation if you have too many clothes and cannot decide on what to bring. The PackPoint app can help travellers on what to pack based on the duration and activities of your excursion even factoring the weather condition on your travelling dates. Customise your packing template by removing the items suggested by the app and adding your own things to suit your personal packing essential. You can even share your packing itinerary with your friends.



Free on iOS and Android

It is best to learn basic phrases like ‘thank you’ or ‘how much’ when you are travelling to a foreign country but pronunciation and different spellings can make it hard. Que the Bravolol app that can help you with basic language necessities like greetings, numbers and questions while shopping. If you have trouble with diction, tap the speaker button to hear the correct pronunciation. Bravolol comes in a variety of languages including Korean, Italian, Vietnamese and Hindi to name a few.


XE Currency

Free on iOS and Android

When it comes to money, the flighty currency rates require us to monitor its ups and downs so we can get the best bang for our buck for spending abroad. The XE Currency is a currency converter app to check the latest currency rates and charts even when you are offline. Users can monitor up to 10 currencies and personalise the app by pinning your base currency on the top and shaking the device to reset the rates.



Free on iOS and Android

Visiting several towns and staying in various hotels during your trip? Well, keep all your plans in order as the TripIt app filters through your email to find your flight, hotel and tour bookings and compiling them into an easy-to-read itinerary on your phone. Share your plans with your travel buddies through email and allow them to add or edit the program. The app even puts on a map of your hotel and restaurant bookings so you will easily find your way while abroad.


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