It is only natural to go island hopping around the reservoir when there are hundreds of little islands on Kenyir Lake.

The creation of Kenyir Lake or Tasik Kenyir (in Malay language) is unintentional. This freshwater lake was formed circa 1980s when a dam was built to generate hydro-electric power and mitigate flooding in Terengganu. Water from the dam would flow to the valley and fertile land behind, filling the lowland and naturally forming around 340 smaller islands from remaining hilltops. 

Present day, the 3 notable islands for tourists to visit are definitely Herbal Park, Orchid Garden and Butterfly Park.

Herbal Park

Herbal Park is known for the cultivation of more than 200 traditional herbal plants. Located on Sah Kecil Island, this herbal park is easily accesible via a 10 minutes boat ride from Pengkalan Gawi, the main jetty entrance to Kenyir Lake.

Upon arrival, visitors will be given a short introduction to these traditional herbs like Tongkat Ali, Kacip Fatimah, Tongkat Haji Samad, Misai Kucing and more. After the brief presentation on herbs, its benefits, and the uses for traditional medicines, visitors can enjoy a tasting session of the herbal drinks.

Orchid Park

Spanning across 3 islands from Hulu Selimbar island, Hilir Selimbar island and Belit island, Orchid Park is just 20 minutes away from Pengkalan Gawi jetty.

Orchid lovers will find their large collection of orchid species extremely fascinating. The owner of Orchid Park is an absolute enthusiat, sourcing all kinds of species to grow in the garden for cultivation and research of the flowers.

Local orchid species, international orchid hybrids and rare orchids can be found planted all over the park.

At the Orchid island, homestays are available as well as a fishing enclosure for anglers to catch fishes at a fee.

Photo from KETENGAH

Butterfly Park

Located at Lubuk Geras Island, the Butterfly Park is around 5 minutes boat ride away from Pengkalan Gawi jetty. The park houses thousands of butterfly species with an interactive museum for visitors to learn and see the breeding of unique butterflies.

Besides this, there are plenty of other things to do in Kenyir Lake besides island hopping! See our full experience and nature travelling on Kenyir Lake here.

Text and photos by Jessy Wong

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