As the gateway to enjoy some of the most breathtaking nature, it is little wonder hotels around Asia are taking the lead to merge with their counterparts and live environmentally friendlier.

The uptrend for green produce, upcycled and sustainable products have been a commercial hit lately.

People are becoming more conscious and environmentally responsible for their choices and actions–authoring the new lifestyle cult for sustainable living.

In tourism means, hotels are upping the ante for people who are actively seeking out authentic travel in unspoiled destinations, and adventures without compromising nature.

One example, EAST in Hong Kong has been a voice of change in the concrete jungle. EAST has taken measures to give an environmentally-friendly experience to its guests to be one of its core values.

The new in-room water filters in the hotel encourage guests to drink purified local water from the tap in reducing bottled water. This effort could reduce up to 180,000 bottles of water per year.

Down to the restaurant, FEAST, has introduced more plant-based menu to minimise carbon footprint from livestock and use cage-free eggs in support of animal rights. The change includes the use of paper wrapping to eliminate aluminium and plastic waste in the restaurant. 

Regardless of big or small efforts, every step makes up for a responsible holiday starting with these eco-retreats around Asia. (Click on the links to read more on the green efforts these hotels have taken!)

The Tongsai Bay
Koh Samui, Thailand

Alila Hotels & Resorts
Bali, Indonesia

Pullman Luang Prabang
Luang Prabang, Laos

Keemala Resort
Phuket, Thailand

Text by Jessy Wong

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