Are you still looking for a short getaway for the weekend? If you are searching for a short trip to take your family with you, then Taiping is a good destination for you to head to this holiday. When you speak about Taiping, many will not suggest an exciting thing because Taiping is not being explored thoroughly.


For fruit lovers, along the Tapah – Changkat, Jering – Taiping you might notice at the RnR is definitely rousing with variety of local fruit stalls. Every local fruits from honey guava to barley lemon can be found here with very affordable price. During the weekend, these stalls will be crowded with locals and tourists who crave for local for local fruits. The sellers are also very polite and friendly, you can get a good bargain with them as they are willing to go as low as you want but depend on the right day and the right time. Enjoying local fruits while sitting at a small garden with a small fountain is very satisfying and relaxing indeed.

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For the first round you might want to try visiting the Taiping War Cemetery just to pay our respect on the one who passed away during the war period in an attempt to defend our country from outsiders. Approximately over 850 people are buried right here and 500 out of them haven’t been identified sadly. Most of them are from the British Army and Indian Army battalion. Based on the history, this memorial is built by Major JH Ingram who is in charge in relocating and identifying the war victims from British and Commonwealth army.


Next, a trip to Burmese Pool might be a refreshing start for the whole family. It is one of the most popular picnic spot in Taiping in between Taiping Lake Park and Bukit Larut. You will be charged RM2 for parking and cleaning facility at Burmese Pool. Even at the parking spot, the area is filled with shops selling various souvenirs for tourists to buy and took home as a gift to remember from their trip here. You might also find a clear water river flowing under the bridge heading to Burmese Pool entrance. Heading to Burmese Pool, you must cross through the forest so if you are lazy to go there, you can stop by at this small river which is just a few step away from the parking spot.

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To add more adventure to your trip, take it to the extreme level with ATV Adventure Park where you can bring your family to experience themselves the excitement of riding an ATV vehicle. For every session you will be charged RM30 but for kids there is only one package available that allows them to ride the vehicle for 10 minutes or 5 rounds. Safety is priority so wearing helmet is a must and you must also follow the instructor order first before you ride it. With ATV vehicle you can freely explore every area of Bukit Larut forest adventurously. Speaking about facility, for family that wants to stay in an extreme atmosphere they may choose to stay in the old bus that has been renovated to accommodate guests. I still think it is kind of kinky.

See, you’ve got a handful of experience when you visit Taiping. You may not only gain valuable knowledge about the history that has been surrounding Taiping but you also gain valuable insights on the place too while exploring every area at Bukit Larut and Lake Park especially discovering the beautiful Burmese Pool. For you that are adventurous at your soul, Taiping harbored an extreme experience like no other, feeding you with the adrenaline rush that you will never soon forget through the exhilarating ATV ride.

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