By the eastern coast of Taiwan, the small volcanic island in the Philippine Sea is a scenic spot for travellers to seek pleasure in hot springs, snorkeling, diving and other adventures.

The famous rock formations reminiscent of a Pekinese dog and Sleeping Beauty on the island. Photo from Adobe Stock

What To Do

The Lyudao Lighthouse is worth visiting to see the bright tall lighthouse against the clear sky; the surrounding area is absolutely scenic. The Human Rights Memorial is a jail turned museum and memorial in Lyudao Culture Park as the infamous jail used to detain political prisoners. If you like exploring, the abandoned aboriginal village of Youzihu sits on the island’s eastern side.

Bird eye view at Zhaori Hot Springs. Photo from Taiwan Tourism

Snorkelers can go to Chai Kou, Shi Lang and Da Bai Sha to see some of Taiwan’s well-preserved coral reefs. A deeper marine exploration will reveal an underwater paradise for divers.

More scenic adventures await at Hai Sheng Ping bay where travellers can view the famous rock formations reminiscent of a Pekinese dog and Sleeping Beauty. Down south, catch the sunrise in the hot spring pool at Zhaori Hot Springs–one of the three saltwater hot springs in the world.

The Lyudao Lighthouse. Photo from Taiwan Tourism

How To Get There

Fly domestically to Taitung County from Taipei International Airport. From there, catch a direct flight with Daily Air to Lyudao Airport for only 15 minutes. For a more affordable option, a ferry ride from Fugang Fish Harbour in Taitung takes about an hour to reach Lyudao Nanliao Harbour.

Seaweed shaved ice. Photo from The Blue Water blog

Where To Eat

Walk around the main village center like Nan Liao to find snacks, local Taiwan delicacies and restaurants to dine in. Green Island is also famous for its seaweed produce and seaweed flavoured food so don’t be surprised to see seaweed ice and seaweed omelette on this volcanic island. 

Waiting Here B&B

Where To Stay

Waiting Here B&B is a quaint beautifully decorated bed and breakfast on the island. The friendly staff can help arrange activities like snorkeling, diving and fishing other than a free airport shuttle for guests.  

Good To Know

  • Green Island is also known as “Lyudao”; a Mandarin pronunciation for “green island”
  • The Lyudao Lighthouse is constructed after a US luxury ocean liner gone ashore from a typhoon in 1937.
  • Rent electric scooters to go around the island as the attractions are not exactly within walking distance.

Text by Jessy Wong

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