This new editon, The Address, explores local neighbourhoods that retained their charm in the midst of development.

A little more than a decade ago, having an address in Segambut would raise an eyebrow. And what would come quickly to mind was the vast squatter like surroundings of Kampung Segambut with the skycrapers of Kuala Lumpur city in the background. The kampung existed like a cocoon insulated from the hustle bustle of the city. The web of small roads and lanes inter weaving around the houses have brought up generations of denizens who are left with memories of growing up in a kampung in the city. Then the time came for growth and parts of Kampung Segambut Dalam were taken to develop into North Kiara. This transformation gave rise to high end properties alongside the existing Mont Kiara, Dutamas, Sri Hartamas and The Era @ Duta North.

The Era @ Duta North


Redefining urban living in 21st century comes naturally for Dato’ Teh Kean Ming, Managing Director of JKG Land who has been in the industry for a great many years. The Era @ Duta North is a step into growing the neighbourhood of Segambut into a new metropolitan town.

The Good Old Days

The Era is built by fond experiences from yesteryears. Occupying the leather armchair of an immaculate office, Dato’ Teh reminisces the younger days of freely riding a motorcycle to nearby shops and eateries from houses and have most things handmade. It was a time where the community is friendly, children run around freely outdoors and shops were conveniently accessible.

“The start of every town begins with a street”, says Dato’ Teh whose love for Penang corresponds with a charming residential town idea. Thus, an alternative lifestyle becomes a reality at this hidden gem of Kuala Lumpur, facilitated by a single stretch of an avenue that encapsulates residences, a market center and a colony of offices.

More than just a dream, Dato’ Teh solves the urban dilemma by visualising an effortless and effective way of living in a bustling city. Forget about travelling to work or finding retail shops at urgent hours, the complete development of The Era promises a fluid lifestyle which can fill the void of modern-day properties.

Dato’ Teh Kean Ming, Managing Director of JKG Land

A Downtown Attraction

Dato’ Teh candidly puts forth that Segambut has been overlooked as a potential hotspot in Kuala Lumpur.  With that conclusion, he introduces more than 100 leisure facilities at the golden home in The Era to recreate the charm of the olden days together with an urban forest for families to engage with nature in the city.

Highlight of the development is Forest Village; a built-in wetland of half a century old forest trees surrounding the area. To complement this setup are tree houses, hanging pavilions and water maze as natural attractions. A jogging track trails between trees alongside a 100-metre pool for family recreation day.

Also, count on Fiesta Walk as the new go-to street of Segambut with 3 storeys of retail outlets and banks built for the convenience of shoppers. Otherwise, sports enthusiasts can unwind in a stylish Sports Clubhouse or catch a view of city skyline from the rooftop at the Sky Lounge.

“Dawn, Noon and Eve – name of the towers – are representations of a day. Basically you don’t have to go out and leave The Era as everything is there like a small town,” he explains hoping that the green property with towering trees would turn Segambut into a prestigious address.

Being a veteran in housing development, Dato’ Teh adds that public transportation is the key to the transformation of Kuala Lumpur over the years. The Era also initiated another privileged facility for the people of Segambut by having a private ‘resident-only’ Link Bridge to Jalan Dutamas, MATRADE and Publika. The nearby Jalan Ipoh MRT station will augur well for The Era as an abode of convenience.

Mont Kiara

An affluent neighbourhood with a large expat community of Japanese and Koreans. At the heart of Mont Kiara is 1Mont Kiara and Plaza Mont Kiara with a host of popular retail and food and beverage outlet. Annually the Korean K-Street Carnival has been a much anticipated event showcasing Korean art and culture with K-pop performances and Korean food. Little Korea has satiated the local appetite for all things Korean.

For the past two decades, Plaza Mont Kiara has earned a reputation for its resort like office, that is, combining resort facilities with office complex amenities. There are also several international schools within the vicinity with the prestigious property Pavilion Hilltop, the highest point in Mont Kiara, nearby.


There’s always something happening at No. 1, Dutamas. Even if there isn’t an event, there are lots of shop with curious items that beckon. A place with quirky boutiques, bistros and diners, art galleries, an urban market with gourmet items, children’s enrichment, bookstore,conveniences and more – and this is how Publika describes itself.

You will realise that Publika really lives up to its claim as you find it harder and harder to tear away from browsing at the stalls and shops selling knick knacks, a whole range of foodstuff, accessories, art and crafts. The interior design of each outlet appears to be an opportunity to break away from the normal clean and clinical look and even if it had to conform, it would be intentional like the collapsible gates that you would see in some old shop fronts in small towns.

So, since Publika opened its doors in 2011, it has been a mall that caters to the burgeoning demand of the middle class and the millennial for the incorporation of art into the retail scene. Occasionally there will be the contemporaryvisual  art installations in the concourse and a recent street art competition at The Square. Itfurther encourages creative expressions at its two exhibition spaces the White Box and Black Box and eight galleries that host creative works.

Spoilt for choice is probably how you would to describe the dining scene there. You are likely to find yourself pacing up and down the mall trying to decide on a restaurant. Since it’s Ramadan month, you will find the Tumis Teak 5 an interesting furniture shop-cum-restaurant. It offers a sumptuous spread of Malay and Indonesian cuisine.

Words by Jessy Wong & YY Chen


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