The amazing Tourism Authority of Thailand announces this year’s communication concept ‘Open to the New Shades’ in inspiring travellers to discover the multifaceted wonders in the land of smiles.

Capturing Millions of Shades

Thailand is known for their vibrancy of colours and distinctive breath of liveliness. Despite many trips to this northern country, I am still in awe of new surprises I find every time I visit. You just can’t get enough of Thailand in a single visit. Each visit presents something different.

Therefore, ‘Open to the New Shades’ presents Thailand’s way of welcoming its visitors, both returning and first-timers, a diverse outlook to appreciating the country. Launching their tourism concept in full blast, the crowd in the event were graced with performances by Thailand’s renowned talents; musician Koh Mr. Saxman and Muay Thai champion Buakaw Bunchamek as well as a graceful string of cultural dances.

Shades of Thai Gastronomy

For me, one of Thailand’s enchantment lies in its food. Celebrity Chef Chumpol Chaengprai do the honors of bringing out Thailand’s flavours in an exciting way. While Pad Thai and Thai Tom Yum remain majority top favourites, Tom Kha Gai, a soup rich with coconut milk, lemongrass, chicken and mushrooms is served to redirect our perspectives.

Putting another traditional snack in the limelight is Miang Kham Gleeb Bua, a one bite wrapped snack, packed with shallots, chillis, roasted coconut, small dried shrimps and etcetera that is spicy sweet to the tongue and crunchy to bite.

Shades of Thai Arts and Crafts

Other than Thai silks and painted umbrellas, look out for rope weaving products such as baskets and handbags that are precious farmers’ handicraft in rural areas on your next trip to Thailand. You can find intricate and unique designs of various rope weaved coloured bags that are cultivated authentically.

Also, to showcase the diversity of Thailand, travel clips from travellers around the world are made into a commercial film by Amazing Thailand. Watch their experiences in their travel vlogs in Thailand below:

For more updates on Thailand’s tourism and events, visit their website here.

Words and photos by Jessy Wong

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