From now until 30 April 2019, arrivals for citizens from 20 countries around the world will be specially exempted from visa-on-arrival fee to Thailand in support of tourism during this high travel season.

An Extension of Fee Waiver

Previously, it was announced that the visa-on-arrival fee waiver will last from 15 November 2018 till 13 January 2019. The Royal Thai Government has just approved of extending the fee waiver till 30 April 2019 to promote its upcoming line-up of festivals and events in Thailand.

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“The continuation of the stimulus visa-on-arrival measure came at a perfect time as Thailand is set to celebrate Chinese New Year in February and the Thai New Year (Songkran) in April”, shared Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).

These group of tourists will be exempted from paying a fee of 2,000 Baht for visa-on-arrival for the purpose of touring in the country for not more than 15 days.

Upcoming Events in Thailand

Thailand would celebrate Chinese New Year on 5 February 2019 with a grand official opening at Siam Square. For this annual event, Chinese Ministry of Culture and the Chinese Embassy in Thailand have arranged over 100 traditional Chinese performers, acrobats and martial artists from several cities for a cultural exchange.

On 17 March 2019, World Wai Kru Muay Thai Ceremony is scheduled to be held in Ayutthaya while the uniquely local Poi Sang Long Festival would be held during March or April in the northern province of Mae Hong Son.

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The Songkran Festival, also known as Thai New Year is set to unleash nationwide on 13-15 April 2019 where cultural traditions and water parties is held on the streets in town.

List of Eligible Countries

The 20 countries that are eligible for the fee waiver until 30 April are stated as below:

  1. Andora
  2. Bulgaria
  3. Bhutan
  4. China
  5. Cyprus
  6. Ethiopia
  7. Fiji
  8. India
  9. Kazakhstan
  10. Lithuania
  11. Latvia
  12. Maldives
  13. Mauritius
  14. Papua New Guinea
  15. Romania
  16. San Marino
  17. Saudi Arabia
  18. Taiwan
  19. Ukraine
  20. Uzbekistan

Text by Jessy Wong

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