Thailand Biennale makes its debut in a myriad of sites at Thailand’s west coast. Featuring 70 unconventional global artists, Jessy Wong went on a creative journey to these site-specific art installations all over Krabi.

Exhibition Period: Now until 28 Feb 2019

As one of world’s most famous coastline, Krabi is an absolute wonderland in the Andaman. The natural sights of nature and the warm townspeople have made it an ultimate spot for innovative outdoor installations against the beautiful surroundings.

Thailand’s first Biennale in Krabi takes on the versions of fantasy and wonderland from many cultures. Lead curator, Professor Jiang Jiehong from Birmingham City University addresses the theme ‘Edge of the Wonderland’ for the art installations. The ubiquitous theme simply bridges the concept between nature and art to engage viewers in both tangible and intangible resources.

You will not find traditional art forms and paintings in the exhibition but sculptures and installations that are seamed with the natural forces of the world. Curated with nature in mind, the unconventional exhibition art may vary from time to time depending on weather and location. 

Here, I have highlighted some of my favourite installations of Thailand Biennale in Krabi.

No Sunrise No Sunset

By Kamin Lertchaiprasert & Suriya Umpansiriratana
Location: Ao Nang Beach

“The sun doesn’t move, but the world is spinning by itself”, says the artist to see the world in a perspective. Yai Sa, the sculpture of an elderly is a symbol of love and awaiting, who is waiting for her partner to return.

Rumours from the Sea

By Félix Blume
Location: Khlong Muang

This orchestral installation can slow down the current from eroding the shore. Created with hundreds of flutes attached to bamboo, the flutes will play when the waves hit through the movements of air.

Story of Love

By Vichoke Mukdamanee
Location: Krabi Town

The story of love between Naga, a mythical creature and a local human is the folk tale inspiration for this Thai national artist. The coastal artwork imitate a matrimonial ceremony that connects water and land, the imaginative world and reality.

pulse – Formations

By Camille Norment
Location: Poda Island

The structure creates a surrealistic wonder to the power of nature. Likened to fallen trees, the broken drumsticks amplifies its connection to power structures to resonate with the planet’s volatile and vulnerable state.

Gilding the Border

By Vong Phaophanit & Claire Oboussier
Location: Railay Beach

Connecting the sacred and the earthly, the rock surface is gilded with gold leaf and aluminium in gradient to create a threshold between land and sea. When the water touches the gold, the small island is perceived to be floating.


By Rikuo Ueda
Location: Than Bok Khorani Waterfall

The wings uses the force of wind and quantum mechanics to draw on the surface. The letter is believed by the artist to deliver the messages from his late wife from the afterworld.

Football Field for Buffalo

By Takafumi Fukasawa
Location: Koh Klang

Incorporating the local community’s love for sports and agriculture, the artist created an amphitheater and football field on an abandoned ground where communal buffaloes are the key player of the game.

Through the bones

By Jana Winderen
Location: Tha Pom Khlong Song Nam

Collaborating with local fishermen of Tha Pom, one can hear the sound of waves made by underwater creatures simply by placing their heads on a wooden oar. The sound vibration is a hearing mechanism which humans share with marine mammals.

Text and photos by Jessy Wong

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