The Travel Editor’s Guide to Beauty – Editor Aishah Azali, frequent traveller for all occasions shares her guide to staying fresh and beautiful while abroad. Here she shares her hair styling tips to dry your hair with a diffuser.

Many people have the knowledge of using a hairdryer but do you know how to utilise the genius of a diffuser? Especially for ladies with wavy or curly hair, the diffuser should be your best friend as it allows you to dry your hair quickly without jeopardising the bounce of your curls. Thankfully the Panasonic 2500W High Power Ionity Hair Dryer comes with a diffuser and I will show you how I use it for this street inspired half bun.


Step 1

On damp hair, I scrunch in some volumnising cream onto the ends of my hair in an upwards motion. This will make my waves more defined and shiny after drying.

Step 2

I attached the diffuser to the hair dryer and with the device off, I first cup a section of my hair from the bottom and then turn on the hair dryer. I leave the diffuser there for 3-5 seconds before cupping another section of my hair and doing the same.

Step 3

I use the lowest setting for airflow and heat to avoid frizz. For layered curls, on the top of my head, I make sure to bring the diffuser all the way till the teeth touch my scalp for extra volume.

Step 4

Sectioning off half my hair, I secure it into a half do. I then twist the dangling hair and wrap it around my ponytail. Bobby pins are used to secure the bun and I end with some hairspray to lock everything down.

Aishah is using:
Panasonic 2500W High Power Ionity Hair Dryer with Diffuser Model: EH NE82 K655

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