It is altogether a new world in dining. When environmental passion meets dining, it is a revolutionary confluence of nature’s best gifts–warmly served on plates.

Nectar, the high-end dining concept by award-winning chef and owner Peggy Chan tops our list with its plant-based gourmet cuisines. Setting the standard for overall wellness in dining, Nectar promises a tasting experience that focuses on holistic, nutrient-dense, and seasonal tasting menus in Hong Kong. 

Peggy is internationally recognised for her dedication to the environment and was awarded the title “Sustainability Champion” in 2018 at the T.Dining Awards. Also, Peggy actively involves in food biodiversity and sustainability movement that addresses undernutrition, food waste and soil degradation in the industry.

Applauded to be raising awareness of plant-based cuisine, Nectar’s bold approach shows a promising future for sustainable dining and opened doors for Hong Kong’s food revolution.

Peggy’s plant-based cooking is very much technique-driven that uncover textures and depth of flavour in vegetables and legumes.

Nectar’s seasonal tasting menu is locally and regionally sourced with a wish to educate and empower diners on conscious eating and ethical sourcing. Guests are given the option to choose from a five, eight or twelve multi-course tasting menu.


Location: Shop D, G/F, CentreStage, 108 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong

Text by Jessy Wong

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