The Travel Editor’s Guide to Beauty

Editor Aishah Azali, frequent traveller for all occasions shares her guide to staying fresh and beautiful while abroad. Here she shares her hair styling tips to turn her naturally wavy hair straight.

Zipping through the airport and catching a long-haul flight requires me to worry less about my hair and more on my luggage check-in. So, for times like these, I prefer to wear my hair straight as it does not require much styling afterward and gives me the opportunity to accessories. Straight hair that lasts all day and throughout your flight is required for this and can be achieved thanks to the Panasonic nanoeTM Hair Straightener.


Step 1

I sectioned off my hair in half and secured it with a headband. Taking a section, I straighten my hair starting from the roots down to my ends. The new body design and even heat distribution allow for straighter hair in less time. The heat setting that I used is the medium 200o Celsius.

Step 2

After fully straightening the lower half of my hair, I take the half ponytail down to straighten the top parts. I make sure to curl the iron inwards at the ends of my hair for some bounce. Don’t forget to straighten the back of your hair which I do upwards to give some lift on the crown.

Step 3

I smooth out my hair using a couple of pumps of hair serum that doubles as an added moisturiser since I would be spending long hours on a plane and would not want my hair to frizz out.

Step 4

To add some style and create a jet-setter look, I wrapped a silk scarf around my head like a headband and secure it at the nape of my neck.

Aishah Is Using:

Panasonic nanoeTM Hair Straightener Model: EH-HS99S-K655

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