Starting 8 April 2018, Grab is ready be the sole ride-hailing company in South East Asia with drivers and avid passengers of Uber will now have to switch to Grab.

Photo from REUTERS/Edgar Su

The Merge of Rivals

Rumours of Uber’s debacle have been circling around for months in South East Asia. Highlighted by Uber’s move in selling its operations in China and Russia, the company’s loss in the business is not confirmed in the region until recently when Uber and Grab announced that the two rival companies have merged for South East Asia.

The combined companies give Uber an eligible 30 percent stake in the business for 640 million people in the area, nominating Grab to be the sole ride-hailing company for the masses.

Grab For All

After 6 years in Malaysia, Grab pledge to serve the community better with their biggest achievement on becoming the leading ride-hailing, fintech and food delivery platform in South East Asia.

Avid Uber users will still have an active account with the company and can use their services outside of South East Asia but are advised to create an account with Grab by 8th April 2018 as Uber will no longer be functioning here.

While a majority has been fearing price monopoly in the business, Grab assures to not raise the fares in its services. So travellers of the east coast, download Grab on Apple iTunes or Google Play Store now to get your ride-hailing services.

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