70% of international travellers suffer from travellers tummy. This is a broad term for diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea and vomiting. It may not always be due to unhygienic food handling but a proper eating plan can avoid an unpleasant end to a good trip. 

Causes: New food, dehydration, change in climate, stress and lack of sleep can be some of the causes. Here’s how to a plan should go. 

Location Matters

Book a hotel with nearby convenient stores to buy water and snacks. 7Eleven and Family Mart in Japan and Korea serve fresh warm food for dining in and on-the-go.

Plan Ahead

For people with allergies (common ones being peanut, gluten and dairy), pack your medicine and doctor’s letter. Find out where is the nearest medical centre. 

Stay Healthy

Exercise helps to release stress of travel and avoid putting on too much weight when the trip ends. Find for gyms near the hotel or use the hotel gym. In Japan and Thailand, the rates are USD 15-20 a day. Otheriwse, use apps like ‘Home Workout-No Equipment’ or ‘Gymsurfing’.

Pack Familiar Food

What to pack besides anti-histamine for your allergies? Pack snacks, coffee or dry foods in case your body takes longer to get accustomed to the local fare. Do check ahead to see what is permissible in the country of destination.

Keep Food Fresh

Ask if the hotel has a fridge for storing your own snacks or food from home. Many hotels in China have no fridges so be sure to check ahead. 

Know What To Avoid

If you are travelling to developing countries, check out the cleanliness of vendors before trying the food. Avoid ice cubes and uncooked food. Also, eat big meals before 5pm to avoid putting on weight. 

Words by YY Chen

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