A trip to the quaint agricultural state unveils an abysmal discovery of the wonders in Kedah from an extensive cultural fields of locally-curated experiences to major historical remains of an ancient kingdom.

Things are about to change. When one speaks of travelling to the northern state, most people would undoubtedly think of the world-famous Langkawi retreat–it is time to draw some focus back to the untrodden mainland. 

Kedah has a guileless knack of making a born and bred city girl like me picturing a tough work–yet extremely peaceful and scenic–living days in the fields and farms. The breathtaking countryside environment is not the only takeaway from the endless stretch of paddy fields; the slow-moving villages and little town can make you soak in the beauty of ordinary things in the country. 

Here are my takeaway from a short trip to Kedah:

Day 1

Road to an Ancient Kingdom

Day 2

Uphill to Farm Grill 

Day 3

 River Voyage around Town

The Picnic Spot in Town

From 4pm till 11pm everyday, Selera Dataran Tsunami serves the most succulent mee udang (prawn noodles) with a priceless view of the sea and the neighbouring island of Penang. The sweet gravy is heavenly match to the freshly caught prawns and you can even order prawns up to four times larger. Across the warm picnic spot is a Tsunami Gallery and monument erected in remembrance of the deadly 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami that has affected this very coast in Kedah.

Text and photos by Jessy Wong

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