This small county on the Eastern coast of Taiwan is home to a variety of indigenous tribes, the country’s most stunning shorelines and mountain ranges. It’s a more relaxing part of Taiwan compared to Taipei and the best county to discover its natural wonders.


After landing in the capital of Taipei, one must take a domestic flight to Taitung Airport that is an hour away. The train is another way to enjoy the Taiwan coastline. The train from Taipei Main Station to the Taitung Railway Station will run you 6 hours.


Taitung county is full of natural wonders like Sanxiantai or Terrace of the Three Immortals which is an odd shaped rock island that has been eroded from the mainland. The three main protruding rocks are said to be the footprints of the three legendary immortals, Lu-Dongbin, Li-Tieguai and He-Xiangu who took refuge on the island. You can visit the rock island thanks to the 320 meter wave-shaped bridge from the mainland.

Ludao or Green Island is an island off the eastern coast which requires a 50 minute ferry ride from Fugang Port. Snorkelers or divers can check out the beautiful coral reefs along the island at hotspots like Nanliao, Tapaisha and Chaikou. It is also home to the Zhaori Saltwater Hot Spring, one of the only three saltwater hot springs in the world that is heated by the volcanic lava of Green Island. Take a dip at the open pools to soak the stress away.

Scattered around Taitung city are many tribal villages where the indigenous tribes of Taiwan live and work. The Amis people are branched out into many smaller tribes that dot the coast and mountain side of Taitung. One of those tribes are the Marongarong Tribe that live near the Donghe River. Travelers can visit their village to see their traditional hay cottages and ride on bamboo rafts for river fishing.


A quaint bed and breakfast in Taitung city is the Books and Woods Bed and Breakfast that has a cozy cabin entrance with unique rooms like one with a Japanese Tatami-style. The place is a family run business, hosted by a lady and her daughter so expect some homely hospitality. Their rooms are uniquely different in design with many sporting adorable painted murals.

A centrally located accommodation is the Formosan Naruwan Hotel that is conveniently close to the Beinan Cultural Park and Taitung Railway Art Village. The hotel offers rooms for bigger groups and gigantic swimming pools for some family fun. Free public Wi-Fi is available as well as free airport shuttle services.

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