An aerial view of the former area which used to house a saw mill

60 years ago, Old Klang Road was a far cry from what it is today. but just go back 20 years to see how development has blanketed over what was once old factories and oil palm estates.

Old Klang Road used to be the only highway that led to Port Klang from Kuala Lumpur. In the 60s, on both sides of this road were factories, warehouses and oil palm estate.

People used to row their sampan down this river that is Sungai Klang. Today, there is still a bridge linking this developed side of the river to the villages while some of the oldest and established residential areas like Taman OUG and Taman Desa hold great value owing to their proximity to the city.

The surge of development turned Old Klang Road into a two-way highway leading to more well-placed development such as the Scott Garden, The Pearl Kuala Lumpur and Pearl Point Condominium. 

The Pearl Kuala Lumpur

You can never spell Old Klang Road without mentioning The Pearl establishments in the  neighbourhood. Aikbee Group has played a part in transforming this industrial town of Klang Valley into commercial hubs and today’s residential popular pick.

The Local Landmark

A family legacy is what we’ll call it. Started in the 1960s, the Aikbee Group has grown from the logging industry in saw milling to become one of the pioneers of property development in Klang Valley. Unlike today, the area was remarkably populated with various saw milling factories as well as rubber factories back in the past.

Dato’ Sri Tan Aik Kiong (Managing Director of Aikbee Group)

The change follows distinctly when the late Tan Sit Seng decides to close his factory and use the land for commercial purposes. Following the move, the place slowly sees a growth of residents and signs of township. From that, he became a trailblazer by diversifying the transformation to Old Klang Road from being known as an industrial town to what it is today; as often etched on the lips of the locals, “Pearl Point”, a prominent commercial landmark of Old Klang Road.

Aikbee Group’s well-known trio ventures Pearl Point Condominium, Pearl Point Shopping Mall and The Pearl Kuala Lumpur have been operating since 1990s in the heart of Old Klang Road. 

Striving to build on his father’s accomplishments, Dato’ Sri Tan Aik Kiong works hand in hand with his brother, Dato’ Sri Tan Aik Chong as the Group Managing Director in making the company’s vision comes to fruition. The heirloom matures and continues to thrive under the siblings’ effort to cultivate Old Klang Road into an esteemed neighbourhood.

A Treasure of Comfort

The Pearl enterprises have set up to be substantial cores of Old Klang Road with bustling streets all around it. Therefore, another attraction to The Pearl Kuala Lumpur is its perfect location in the city with close distances to the magnificent Petronas Twin Towers and accessibility to national stadium and Sunway Lagoon. 

As a nominee for World Luxury Awards in 2017, the hotel also boasts of its nearby convenience with Pearl Shopping Gallery. The establishments have a link bridge joining the two buildings for leisure times in ease for tourists. 

You might find a twinkle of character in the classic aspects of the buildings, channelling the “old is gold” spirit with large lion statues guarding the hotel as sentinels and tall red arch welcoming you to the hotel. Keeping those few major features, The Pearl Kuala Lumpur has transformed over the years with an avant-garde registration lobby and snazzy executive lounge and business center for their travellers.

On the other hand, Pearl Point Shopping Mall surprises the modern-day shoppers with vintage trinkets shops, saloon, tattoo parlours and various lifestyle stores in the outlet.

Words by YY Chen & Jessy Wong
Photos by Tan Dao Hong & Aikbee Group

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