Among other stiff competitors, this new airport in Quảng Ninh Province of Vietnam receives recognition beyond honours at the 26th annual World Travel Awards (WTA). Van Don International Airport has been awarded “World’s Leading New Airport 2019” and it proves how it has landed the deserving title.

The award for this category assesses a new airport’s performance based on the overall design, service quality, passengers’ satisfaction and how a passenger’s experience is complemented through the implementation of new technologies.

Sun Group representative received “World’s Leading New Airport” award at WTA 2019

Sun Group, developer of this first privately owned airport in Vietnam, places significant focus to deliver a world-class customer experience with a high standard of service quality.

Quảng Ninh Province is also home to the UNESCO World Heritage Halong Bay, therefore, it is only natural that inspiration for Van Don International Airport terminal design reflects such natural beauty and aesthetics of Ha Long Bay.

A walk in the airport will reveal its state-of-art technologies, modern facilities and equipment, not forgetting the vast green spaces in an area of 800 acres.

Although the airport has only been operating for 11 months, Van Don International Airport has welcomed an accumulation of 1,796 flights and 235,000 passengers.

Currently, the airport has four direct international routes such as China’s Shenzhen, Hunan and Shanghai as well as Seoul-Incheon of Korea, and two domestic routes from Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang City in Central Vietnam.

Towards the end of 2019, it is in the plans that more domestic destinations and global flights from China, Japan and Thailand will be added.

Text by Jessy Wong

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