Nestled along an unassuming row of Damansara Utama shophouses is MadHatter Desserts, Marcus Low’s dessert laboratory of sorts. The name itself refers to the ex-MasterChef finalist’s predilection for wearing hats but could well be an allusion to the surreal Alice in Wonderland universe where anything is possible.

Low, who used to be a banker, opened the café in 2017 with the intention of introducing his experimental approach to desserts which are presents familiar local flavours and desserts in completely unexpected ways. Serving a range of desserts, many which combine French culinary techniques and local flavours, classics like the Entremet cake is reinterpreted with layers of vanilla sponge cake and Assam-infused curd and topped with a watermelon and mint veil.

Plated desserts are available after 7pm and this is where Low’s creativity is showcased best with mind-boggling concoctions like the Claypot Rice, a complicated combination of rice milk snow ice, rice milk gelée, barley pudding, and rice puffs realised with liquid nitrogen and infused with smoke from Bak Chang bamboo leaves.

Must try : Bubur Cha Cha is a deconstructed reimagination of the classic local dessert soup which layers pumpkin brûlée, coconut pearls and a sweet-potato-and-yam cake topped with coconut ice cream infused with sweet potato and yam.

19, Jalan SS 21/60, Damansara Utama
+6012-370 4327

Text by Jennifer Choo

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