A trip to the quaint agricultural state unveils an abysmal discovery of the wonders in Kedah from an extensive cultural fields of locally-curated experiences to major historical remains of an ancient kingdom.

As the richest archeological site in Malaysia, catch glimpses of the prehistoric era when the earliest man-made structure of Southeast Asia is unearthed at Bujang Valley in Kedah.

Today, Bujang Valley is undergoing a process of being nominated into the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Discover a great deal of amazing artefacts in Lembah Bujang Archeological Museum in the town of Merbok. The relics of an ancient kingdom dating since the 3rd century till 14th century civilisation are carefully displayed in the center showcasing a strong Hindu-Buddha civilisation influence from the candi (a temple of worship), inscribed stone caskets and tablets, ornaments, ceramics and worship icons. 

Furthermore, the Sungai Batu Archeological Site in Bujang Valley offers a guided tour around the monument site to see the oldest human civilisation in Southeast Asia with sights of a complete town structure and seaport on grounds.

With their guided tour, you can also catch an ongoing hands-on excavation and ancient brick making and iron smelting techniques. 

Nearby Food:  

AT Satay Semeling

The best satay in the district is only 5 minutes drive away from Sungai Batu Complex; suggesting a perfect tea break from the heat with lip-smacking grilled satay and marinated chicken. If you dare, take a go to try the exotic satay meats from the usual chicken and beef to chevon, mutton, venison and rabbit at AT Satay Semeling.

The Trip’s Diary

Under the guidance of Tourism Malaysia, my unassuming short trip to Kedah revealed so much more activities and sights to catch in three days. Plan your itinerary by reading more of it here.

Text and photos by Jessy Wong


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