In an enclave by the limestone hills in Tambun, Ipoh, there is a charming petting zoo that allow visitors to get up close with a hippopotamus, giraffe and a host of friendly animals.

One of the foremost attraction of this place is how the zoo is built around its natural environment with minimal destruction to nature. This medium-sized zoo is part of the Tambun Lost World theme park located 6km away from Ipoh city with the limestone hills as it’s backdrop and much of the foliage is intact.

The latest addition to the zoo is a 23-year-old hippo. Visitors will wait with intense anticipation when the keeper calls the hippo and waits for it to emerge from the water and opens its mouth for food to be dropped in. It feeds on 70kg of fruits and vegetables daily. A gallery with a glass viewing panel adjacent to the pond allows visitors to see the hippopotamus sleeping under the water. The permitted and guarded proximity with some of the animals in the zoo, albeit a brief one, has presented an added attraction to the zoo. 

Wild Adventures

• To reach the Tarantula Alley, you would have to go through the spiraling walkways over swampy areas to the specially designed gallery of spiders built in a gap in the hillside.
• Wild monkeys will gather at the hillside floating deck to feed in the evening and visitors are advised not to provoke them.

Friendly Petting Zoo 

• The interactive zoo is a hit with both adults and children to touch rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoises and raccoon with deers roaming freely in the vicinity.
• Feed a 3-year-old giraffe named Rain from a high platform. Friendly Rain will stick its’ head onto the platform to be patted and pulls bananas from visitors’ hands.
• Catopia is an enclosure where visitors can play with the various species of pedigree cats like Maine Coon and Sphynx. 

Theme park ticket rates

These are the walk-in rates at the park. For more information and promotions, go to their official website.
Adult: RM89.60
Child (below 12 years old): RM83
Senior Citizen: RM83

Lost World of Tambun
Ipoh, Perak
+605 542 8888

Words & Photos by YY Chen

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