Pet Fiesta is finally coming to your hometown for the thousands of pets and pet owners’ right here in Malaysia! Bring along your pets right into the show and treat them a weekend that your family will never forget. You can also dress them up with new outfits, taste new food, and best of all giving them a chance to play with new toys. Bring your family and be “wowed” at one of the most amazing animal competitions, learn from expert vets and breeders, and create some memories laughing at our many pet presentations.

Bringing over the theme of “Bow & Tie” this year’s pet fiesta will be different with many attractive sightings which you can look out for! If you happen to own a pet, why not bring them along to Setia City Convention Center for this great event that will start on 8 till 10 April 2016 and be amazed with the exhibition and entertainment to can find there. Your furry friend will have a great time of their life here while meeting and mingling with new friends and breeds.

Among the fun indoors and outdoors activities that you can expect here:

  1. Over 170 booths are opened here featuring new products and special offers! Besides getting a rare chance to meet rare breeds of dogs, cats, exotic pets and other animals here. While you are there you can also get a chance to also witness how the professional groomers work their way on giving your pet a special yet extreme makeover.animals-pets
  2. Exclusive small animal playground for kids is provided here for them to interact and learn more about the little furries. Also you can have a chance to see over 150 cats which is on display during the fun cat competition. While you are there you can also get friendly advice on grooming, health knowledge from experts.DSC_0272
  3. Pet treadmills and also the specially designed jogging track for small and large dog breeds. Time for your beloved dogs to get some healthy workouts! Or you want more exclusive surprises? Get a chance to win exclusive pet spa-treatments with state-of-the-art technology, equipment and imported products. How fun can it be to be a winner at every hour!IMG_5713
  4. Have a chance to indulge in the pet buffet area with plenty of great food and snacks. Obstacle courses for fun and enjoyment; and they also have the best-timed dog win an air-brushed scooter daily. You can also view various demonstrations of dog training; including agility, obedience, police-dog trainings and even dog qualification for the blind.str2_ev_0305_ronpet_eric chan_possible lead pic
  5. Themed photography area is also available for owners and pets for them to snap-away and keep a sweet lasting memory. Photography competition is held here too complete with great prizes to be won. Pet-friendly food stalls are set up on purpose for the convenience of pet owners there to chill and munch with their beloved pet.20140413_115821

Be sure not to miss this amazing opportunity to witness such amazing rare breeds of dogs, cats and other friendly animals that you can’t see commonly anywhere else. Bring along your beloved family members and furry friends to this place where besides having fun and chill out together, you can also learn few things that is valuable for the sake of your pets too for the future use. So bookmark your calendar and head over to Setia City Convention Centre, Setia Alam, with minimum entry of RM5 get access to Malaysia’s Favorite Pet Fiesta Expo, the first in Malaysia.

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