Editor Aishah Azali, frequent traveller for all occasions shares her guide to staying fresh and beautiful while abroad. Here she shares her skincare tips for radiant and moisturised skin.

Let us start the new year with fresh and bright skin. Though we thank the numerous products that we use to protect, preserve and repair our face, why not up the ante this year by introducing the Panasonic Ionic Cleansing & Toning Device into your skin regime. Its unique ionic features will promote better skin health on top of helping your beloved products to work more effectively.

Step 1

To be honest, I started getting problematic skin after my birthday in 2017. So nowadays, my end of the day skin routine is the most important yet tedious part of my overall beauty routine. I start by removing all my make-up using an oil cleanser followed by a foam cleanser. Then I use the device to apply my toner using a soaked cotton pad that can be attached to the head. This tones my face while attracting out the impurities.

Step 2

Next is moisturization where I love using scented face masks to hydrate my entire face. After putting it on, I use the device to massage on top of it so the lotion can penetrate deeper into my skin.

Step 3

After 15 minutes of that, its time for a face massage. The Panasonic tool has a warm rhythmic massage setting that emits a little warmness to my face as I massage it in an upwards motion. I even use this setting to apply eye cream to my under eyes.

Step 4

The brightening mode is the one I use last for my serum that contains ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. The negative ions from the tool helps deliver those beneficial ingredients into the epidermis thoroughly.


Aishah is using:
Panasonic Ionic Cleansing and Toning Device EH-ST50-P421

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