Located inconspicuously off the main road in Yayasan Elken on Old Klang Road, the Oriental Art and Culture Centre occupies two shop lots and offers a selection of creative art activities from calligraphy to performing arts.

Eric Ch’ng, Executive Director of OACC

The center was founded 8 years ago to nurture the understanding of Malaysian culture and arts. “The philosophy of this center is to position itself as a community arts space for the appreciation of art and for artists to network besides providing courses,” said Eric Ch’ng, the Executive director.

Besides, it also serves as a platform for young artists to exhibit their work and to initiate cross-cultural dialogues. “Besides coming to view exhibitions, we can also organise short term art courses for visiting groups or tourists,” said Eric.

Seed Project

OACC is proud about its Community Outreach Programme, “Seed Project”, that takes them to rural schools to cultivate the interest in art among students. Since 2013, the initiative has reached out to 10 schools in Malaysia, Thailand and China.

One of their successful programmes is the Pangkor Island Festival which has been running for 5 years. “We use art to teach the community social issues such as caring for the environment.

“It was challenging to convince the community that we were genuine and we wanted to help use art to beautify the island,” he said.

Performing artist can submit their event under the Open Call programme for a chance to be selected for non-chargeable venue. There is also facility for movie screening in the centre. A calendar of events can be found on their Facebook page.

No. 10 & 12, Yayasan Elken, Jalan 1/137C, Old Klang Road
Opens from Tuesday to Sunday at 11am – 6pm

Words by YY Chen

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