The lady of versatility who started her acting career in North America, returned to Malaysia to conquer the Asian entertainment industry by storm. She had gained traction by hosting a variety of events like The Next Miss Universe Malaysia and has been gaining screen time in indie films like Jasmine and Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong. This September, Sarah talks about her passion for travelling and what superpower she would love to have.

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If you could go on a weekend getaway with a celebrity, who would it be?

I would love to go on vacation with Anthony Bourdain. He has such an amazing perspective on life and I’m sure with all his experience it would be an insightful one.

What are your must-have beauty essentials for travelling?

Sunscreen, moisturizer and of course my can’t-live-without lip balm. I always try to bring a scarf or a pashmina with me in case the temperature changes. As long as I have these with me, I’m set.

If you had to wear only one colour for the rest of your life, what colour would that be?

Although my wardrobe mostly consists of black, I would say turquoise because it is my favourite colour and it has such beautiful tones.


Since you have acted in international productions, have you ever had to shoot on location in a foreign country?

Food is always a fabulous connector of people, and a treat when traveling if you allow your palate to wander. I’ve had the chance to shoot in Beijing and Denmark and it’s so great to eat the local food when we are not on set.

Where was a country or city that surprised you when you went to visit?

I visited Mauritius with my amazing crew while shooting Channel News Asia’s Luxe Asia program and I absolutely fell in love with the country, the people and the food. Once I landed, I was ready to pack my bags and move there. They call it Asia’s Gateway to Africa and undeniably, I wanted to see more!

What kind of food reminds you of home?

I’ve had the chance to have many homes. When I think of Canada, it would be my mom’s yogurt bread, she makes a special deep fried dough that I can’t stop eating! When I think of Malaysia, good ol’ nasi lemak does the trick. I’ve got my favourite place and I could eat it everyday if I could.

What attracts you to visit a new country or city?

Culture and history excites me when I visit a new city or country. When you hear about the stories that come out from their history books and be able to see everything in the flesh, it becomes so visceral.

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Who is the best person to travel with?

I love traveling with someone who complements me and at the same time, shares the same zest for discovery when we are in a new city.

If you had one superpower, what would it be?

My superpower would be to clone myself to be at two places at once. I would love to have one Sarah work while the other Sarah travels.

What is the coolest thing about Canada?

The coolest thing about Canada is the humour. You’d be surprised to realize some of the most famous comedians are from there. Humour is so intrinsic in our culture that we always have a laugh no matter where we are, it’s a huge part of the Canadian friendliness.


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