Challenging oneself regardless of age is the drive that got Katrina Loo to be crowned Mrs Malaysia Tourism Queen 2017. This mother of two enjoys her travels and uses it as an opportunity to bring her family closer together. Here she talks about her favourite places and what she plans to do after winning this prestigious title.

Where is a country or place that brings back a lot of good memories for you?

Gold Coast, Australia. It was my honeymoon trip in 2003 and a family trip in 2013. It was nice to bring my kids to visit where their parents had their honeymoon 10 years ago. To me, my priority is my family and Gold Coast is a popular destination for families with so many fabulous attractions that are just perfect for a family getaway.

Have you ever been on a solo trip?

Never. I enjoy travelling with my family and friends. I feel proud and pleased as most of my family trips were successfully arranged by myself.

Do you prefer to travel to a place to relax and do nothing or do you prefer to sight see?

I prefer sightseeing. As we travel, we get to see beautiful sceneries typical of the region. Besides, we can meet and make friends with people of different cultures.

What is the longest time you’ve been on a plane? What did you do to keep yourself occupied?

About 14 hours when I was travelling to Europe with my family. Usually my husband and I will play interactive games with our kids. This helps strengthen our bond. My kids are even comfortable sharing their personal thoughts with us.

How did you find out about Mrs Malaysia Tourism Queen 2017 and what made you decide to enter?

I found out through Facebook and I decided to participate in this Mrs Malaysia Tourism Queen beauty pageant in order to challenge my limits.

What was it like meeting the other contestants? Did you come out of it with some new friends?

One of my reason to participate in this pageant was to make new friends. Mrs Malaysia Tourism Queen pageant gave me the opportunity to meet contestants from various states in Malaysia.

Did you have any pageant experience before winning Mrs Malaysia Tourism Queen 2017?

Yes. I won 2 titles. Ambassador Award and Popularity Award for Mrs DW Skin Beauty Oriental in April 2017.

What do you plan to do next after winning this title?

I will do my best on the international stage in June 2018 and use my title to do charity and welfare. I will take this opportunity to assist my company Kenanga Investment Bank as their ambassador to do community and corporate social responsibility. I also hope to inspire and influence married women to be more proactive in contributing to the underprivileged society.

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