A disk jockey by heart, you may recognize Joey G when he was a VJ for the Channel [V] music channel. Now he still spins out feel good music at gigs and clubs around Malaysia and on his online radio show, Turn It Up. The family man also travels around and we get to the bottom on how he does it.

Do you remember your first trip aboard without your parents? How was it like and what was the occasion?

My first trip abroad without my parents was to Bodrum, Turkey. I was only 15 years old and went with a bunch of friends. It was a great experience since it was the first time I stepped outside of the UK. I was amazed with the local architecture and landscape. I wasn’t very adventurous with the local cuisine and remember going all over town to find a McDonalds. There was no such thing as GPS and smart phones back then.

If you could only listen to one musical genre, what would it be?

Wow, this is a hard one. I think it would have to be genre of good music, LOL. No, I’d probably go with House Music!

Where is a place that you have visited that you would highly recommend people to go?

I think it should be on everyone’s bucket list to go Boracay, Philippines. The white sand beach with crystal blue sea is perfect for anyone who loves spending time soaking up sun. I had a great experience with Patricia and some friends. I would highly suggest staying at Discovery Shore.

Could you travel around without access to social media?

In today’s world that seems hard to do. But yes, I think it would be a holiday in itself to not have any digital devices and connectivity. I remember the days we didn’t have any social media, so yes, I could do that no problem. I would spam up my feed with photos after I returned from my trip though.

How did music came into your life and how did it become part of your career as a DJ?

It came organically. It’s just something I was exposed to at a young age and decided I wanted to work within music and entertainment. It’s been a long journey since I started to DJ and I’m just happy I get to do what I love.

Are you a meticulous travel planner or the spontaneous kind?

I would say I am somewhere between both. Sometimes it’s important to plan ahead and to prepare, but then again, it’s also nice to wake up in the morning and think, “Hey I want to go to a beach tomorrow”, book a flight and go!

Who is your dream person to collaborate with to create music?

I’d love work with anyone who share the same passion for music as I do.

How has travelling changed since you started a family?

It has changed by an additional 3 hours of preparing, packing and moving around with a baby. To be honest, it hasn’t changed much other than we have an extra person with us and need to allow more time to prepare before traveling. It’s a pleasure to be able to go away as a family.

Any upcoming gigs or collaborations we can expect towards the end of the year?

Yes, currently doing a massive collaboration with 6 other artists from various fields in music, dance and performance to create a club showcase like no other. The event is call Chivas presents ETM (Electronic Theatre Music) and we are currently touring. Checkout Chivas Facebook page for more information.

What can we expect with your show ‘Turn It Up’ on AFO Radio?

Expect a great selection of underground club music, interviews and guest mixes from international and local DJs. Head over to www.facebook.com/turnitupafo for more info.

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