A professional violin player and music lecturer, Joanne Yeoh dazzles with her instrumental music. She rose to prominence after being invited to play the violin in concert tours for superstars like Jacky Cheung and Alan Tam. Playing for many corporate events locally and abroad, she even had the time to released two albums. Get to know how Joanne travels with her instrument and how she began playing with it.

When choosing to master an instrument during your youth, was it a natural gravitation towards the violin or an eventually love?

It was an ‘alternative’ to ballet which i learnt for 3 years and did not enjoy one bit of it. Hence my mum encouraged me to pick up another musical instrument, apart from the piano which I have learnt for 4 years already by then. I was most impressed with the violin case that came with the violin, more than any other romantic notions of playing the violin per se. The violin case was fully black with two very silvery buckles.

Do you remember the first place you travelled to for a performance?

My first serious tour was in 2000, when I joined the Asian Youth Orchestra travelling to Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Australia, Taiwan, Vietnam.

You pursued your higher education in the UK. What do you find fascinating about the place after studying there for some years?

UK is a mishmash of culture. It is a country that is rich in history, steep with traditions, and yet at the same time, there is a sense of restless energy and vibrancy.

How does one travel with such a precious instrument like a violin? Do you check it in? Is there a special casing?

There have been regulations and tighter restrictions on cabin size after 9/11. Thankfully however I never had to check in my violin, and have been carrying it on board all my flights. My violin travels in a BAM case.

Where is your dream place to do a concert or performance?

To play inside a space rocket travelling to outer space.

Is there a particular country or town that you are keen to visit this year?

I have done my dream travel for this year: Iceland – land of fire and ice.

What is the first thing you explore when you travel to a new city or country?

First thing to explore are places of interest and to take lots of pictures!

Who is your favourite composer and how has he/she inspired your music?

My favourite composer has to be Debussy. I am inspired by the art and culture of his time. All this haziness and lack of clarity is such a welcome to today’s fast paced, precise world.

Any plans for new albums in the near future?

No plans on that one!

What is next for Joanne Yeoh?

Time to build my own space rocket, maybe?

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