Creative, stylish and well-travelled, we caught up with Malaysia’s leading man in fashion design, Dato Sri Bernard Chandran on the best way to take a travel photo and his favourite cities that inspire his fashion designs.

Has a specific country or city ever influence your fashion collection?

Paris and London because of the people and their way of life. Plus both cities have tremendous culture and love for luxury.

How does a fashion designer pack his suitcase?

I am very decisive, I know exactly what I want to wear for the destination or time. I would usually have one coat and a leather jacket. I also always make sure to have space in my luggage to bring back clothes/items that I buy when I travel.

How much of your travel destinations are chosen or influenced by your children?

We make decisions as a family. It is not my decision alone. Each of us will list a place that we wish to visit and why. Then we would take a vote as a family to make the decision.

What do you do to pass the time during long-haul flights?

Sketch or watch movies.

What is a fashion accessory that every traveller should have in their arsenal?

A watch and a ring.

What do you find fascinating about Paris, France?

Paris is where I studied fashion. They take pride of their city and are constantly updating it with ways to educate the people anyway they can like through exhibitions, etc.

If you could design a collection using only one colour, what colour would that be?

Black – everyone loves it and everyone looks good in black. Black is a colour that is practical yet not egoistic.

Where is a country or city that you have yet to visit but are keen to go?

South America – I believe it’s an exotic place and has a different vibe that I believe would inspire me.

What is the secret to taking a cool travel photo for Instagram?

A contrast between me and the environment.

Your latest AW 17/18 and Nouveau Petang Raya collections sees the many creative uses of texture. As a designer, what is the power of textured details compared to cut or colour?

I think all are important. It really depends on the season or time of each collection and what I would like to focus on more at the time and season. Which element I feel at that time as a designer that I want to give importance to. For example, if this season I choose to highlight texture, it is what I want them to observed therefore won’t make the colour overpowering and let the texture stand out.

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