A veteran in the Malaysian fashion scene, Benjamin Toong is the go-to man if you want to make a start as a model. He now teaches up-and-coming models the ways of the runway and tells us that he’s been a frequent traveller since before his fashion days. Here is the scoop on Benjamin Toong.

How did you enter the modelling business and became a runway coach?

I entered the modelling business after helping some Malaysia couturiers to arrange fashion shows for a few years. I ended up organizing more than 100 fashion shows. I became a runway coach after
local supermodel Amber Chia hired me as a trainer and mentor for her modelling academy.

Which model do you think has the most confident runway walk right now?

Local models, Kelly Jagan and Tinie.

What is your favourite piece of footwear to bring during your travels?

My Adidas NMD Camouflage Edition sneakers.

Have you ever travelled by yourself for a holiday?

Yes, I always travel alone for holidays at least 4 times a year.

Between internet and music, which one do you think you can’t live without while travelling?


What is the first thing you do when you board an airplane?

I always try to look for an empty aisle seat if I am not assigned to one.

Where is a place that you recently visited that you would highly recommend to your friends?


Are you a big shopper when you travel abroad?

I was a big shopper when I was part of the Malaysian Airlines cabin crew for 12 years where I travelled to many European countries. That’s why my closet is so full now.

Who influences your sense of fashion?

No one in particular. I have always had my own sense of style since I was very young. But nowadays, I mostly like to wear very comfortable outfits.

Where are the best countries that your work has brought you?


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