The founder and organiser of the Miss Cosmopolitan World was a former beauty queen herself, that competed at an international level when she represented Malaysia in the Miss Asia 2011 in Hong Kong. Now she is an experienced pageant organiser under her own company, Amelia Productions and is spearheading the 2017 Miss Cosmopolitan World with glamour and class.

How did you enter the pageant world and what attracted you to it?

It started when I first participated in Miss Universe Malaysia 2009. From there, I explored to countries like Hong Kong and Korea representing Malaysia on an international level.

I have always loved the stage since I was young and it was a childhood dream to do so representing my own country. It was also a dream to organise my own international pageant and now I finally have it.

During your pageant days, did you get to travel often? If yes, where are some of the memorable places you’ve been to?

Yes, I did constantly travel. In Hong Kong, we explored all their tourist spots and also made a stop in China. It is a must to visit Lan Kwai Fong and Ladies Street where you feel like you’re in a Hong Kong TVB series. If you’re lucky, you might even bump into famous Hong Kong artists.

I first visited Korea during the pageant and we travelled to all the famous locations. My favourite is Gangnam street for their local entertainment and shopping malls as well as outlets.

Tell us about your connection with Miss Cosmopolitan World and how did you become involved with it?

This name was created in early 2015 and it is really a dream come true to be the founder and organiser of this pageant. Miss Cosmopolitan World is my baby and this pageant is a part of me now. It also has a sentimental value as I was pregnant with my twin girls the year I created the pageant and my twins were born shortly after the grand finals in 2015.

Being a Malaysian, I am really proud to create a home brand and introduce Malaysia to the world. It is a really challenging task to be the first to organise something new for the first time in Malaysia, but if you don’t take the first step, you will never know.

In the Miss Cosmopolitan World pageant, how is the selection process like? Can any country take part?

Yes, we allow any countries to participate as long as they have valid traveling documents and meet our requirements.

Do you prefer travelling with your family, friends or going solo?

It really depends on the occasion. I love traveling and it’s always a yes to any invites for holidays. Family will always be a yearly trip that I ensure with my mum. Friends will mostly be for celebrations. Solo is either for work or visiting friends abroad.

What are the qualities that make a Miss Cosmopolitan World?

This pageant caters for beautiful, passionate, intelligent and charismatic women from all over the world. She has to be presentable with knowledge and can represent her country well.

What is a city or country that you are eager to visit and why?

For now, I would love to explore every country of the contestants that have participated in our Miss Cosmopolitan World. I would love to have the opportunity to understand each country better and this will bring the world closer to Malaysia.

What attracts you to explore a new country? Food, culture, shopping, nature?

The food and culture is always an excitement and of course shopping is a must-do for every girl when they travel. For family-planned holidays, the nature attractions are best for sightseeing. It will be great to visit our international finalists in their countries and hopefully our pageant will grow bigger and there will be more countries for me to visit.

What are the highlights that you are excited for in this year’s Miss Cosmopolitan Pageant?

This year is our 3rd-anniversary and we are having more countries than when we just started. We had a leap from 18 countries in 2015, to 28 countries last year and now we have achieved 38 countries. We are receiving more partners and are able to bring the international finalists to visit more parts of Malaysia. This year, we will be covering our routes from Ipoh, Penang, Kuala Selangor and Sekinchan.



Find out the winner of the 2017 Miss Cosmopolitan World on 16 September 2017 at Putrajaya Marriott Hotel.

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