Beauty queen turned actress and VJ, Agnes Wang has made a smooth transition from the stage to the screen. Here she talks to us about her travels for work and how she stays fit when travelling abroad.

Do you remember your first trip aboard without your parents? How was it like and what was the occasion?

Yes, I remember my first trip abroad without my parents as it was a very memorable trip for me. Me and my sister went to Taiwan when I was 20 years old. We spent 8 happy days from Taipei to Kaohsiung and is all for sake of fun, fun and more fun.

Where was a place you travelled to that made a big impression on you?

Berlin, it was my first trip to Europe and I was travelling solo. The cultural difference made a big impression on me and it was an eye-opener for me too.

Has acting ever taken you to travel outside of Malaysia? If yes, where has your work taken you?

My work as an actress has brought me to many places like Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and London.


How do you keep in shape when you are travelling? Do you work out when you are abroad?

As part of my routine, I will make sure that I have time for cycling or if not, a simple in-room workout that I love will do the trick. It’s a series of workout that I do on a regular basis.

How did the gig of being a VJ at ONFM came about? Can you tell us more about your role there?

Back when I was acting, I got invited to host a program at OnFM. I fell in love being a Video Jockey (VJ) for this Chinese-based online radio station and have been there since.

Do you often travel with your family or friends? Or do you prefer to travel alone?

As part of my work requirement, I always travel alone. But I enjoy travelling with family and friends whenever I have time.

You also do some acting, what kind of role would you love to portray on the big screen?

I always get offered feminine roles. I had roles of a young lady, a young parent or a mother. If I was given a chance to choose, I would like to act in more action-based roles.

You were in pageantry back in 2010 when you placed 2nd runner up in the Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant. What have you gained from dabbling in the beauty pageant world?

I had gained lots of fame but I also gathered even more experience as a pageant winner growing into an actress and now a host/video jockey (VJ).

How do you keep yourself occupied in long flights?

I love to fly long haul flights as I have my personal space and time to read on personal enhancement books to improve myself. This is something that I normally do not have time for on a daily basis.

What are you planning for 2018? Any new gigs or roles?

I am really looking forward to 2018 as I want to make an impact for myself in the coming years. I am achieving my personal goal to balance my life between work and health. I will be more active in my active lifestyle like sports and traveling. So, my role is to blend sports into my work.

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