Chasing beyond latest trends to something much greater, these ethical fashion brands in Southeast Asia are hopeful towards a wholesome betterment through their love for fashion.

Founded in Kuala Lumpur, Sayang is brand of passion that buds from the home of Dianna Yong. As the Creative Director, she first envisioned a fashion label that is committed in only using natural fibres for the garments.

While conjuring up the business plan for Sayang, I found out there was a lot of things that I didn’t agree with that was happening with the current state of the fashion industry – especially in regards to resources used, workplace treatment, and the waste that is produced after production,” she explained.

A small start-up like Sayang presents timeless craftsmanship of love with the force from home. Then, working closely with beneficiaries and underprivileged women, Dianna said, “Our projects help them find meaningful work through fashion and creativity. 

“Our production team tends to work with beneficiaries and these women go through helpful training and workshops to gain skills that will propel them in finding more work.”


The Spring/Summer 2019 collection will be the brand’s biggest collection to date with 14 new styles. All made out of wood fibre, each design is created for every woman’s summer dream.

To reduce post-consumer waste, their labels and tags are even printed on soy ink!

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