Get your calculator ready because even with a thin wallet, it is possible for anyone to have a full-fledged travel experience.

These days, it is all about convenience and consistency. Also, not forgetting, bargain. There is no doubt that travelling has become an easy affair when everything is only within a click away. But, when the biggest challenge for travelling is the cost, people would find all means to find the cheapest deals even if they have to overlook all sorts of comfort and convenience for their travel. So, this can be the answer to all your travel odds at a lesser fee. 

Find deals from a comprehensive and legitimate source

You can always find more deals from a company that has a wide and long experience in the industry. Close to 60 years in the travel market, Mayflower travel agency has a dynamic range of travel products to select from based on their website, Over 80 airlines and more than 500,000 accommodations worldwide, there are something and somewhere for every budget needs.

Check out the travel site’s recommendations

Listen to suggestions. When there are two things offered at a value, always asses it because two is always better than one. On the top of booking feature is their ‘Flight + Hotel’ bundle bookings. Users are free to choose their choice of airline and hotel before paying for it all at a cheaper rate. Most importantly, the website navigation on also display price comparison between multiple airline fares if you are seeking to save every penny you can. 

Booking direct add-on services

One-for-all travel booking platform like have everything you’ll need for travel. The add-on services offered include car rental, entrance tickets, airport transfers, travel insurance, roaming wifi and SIM card. Extra tip to go by, you can earn an instant cash discount at for add-on services if you buy it under ‘Flight + Hotel’ bundle booking.

Travelling to Bangkok with

Bangkok is a destination with limitless experience of travel, nature, shopping and culture. A trip to Thailand is always packed with a myriad of things to do so for a fuller experience, people would commonly spend more than 3 days in the bustling city. For a comfortable budget stay, Bangkok Palace Hotel is a 3-star establishment in the city with strategic location and vicinity to other venues. Completed with AirAsia return flight for 2 people, deluxe accommodation, travel insurance and roaming wifi, check out the breakdown on how much you can save for a couple’s trip to Bangkok when you book with

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