Sometimes, great things comes in small sizes. Love it as an art display or flaunt it as an accessory, these artists have mastered the knack of making every inch counts.

Ban Fong Provision Shop. Art and photo by PicoWorm

Just in her twenties, Lim Pui Wan artfully evokes nostalgia and memories with PicoWorm. It is a dream come true for her to become a miniature artist. From saving money through part-time jobs to buy her first supplies and tools, Pui Wan has accomplished more than what she humbly aspires today – tugging the hearts of many with PicoWorm’s miniatures.

A part of Ban Fong Provision Shop. Art and photo by PicoWorm

PicoWorm’ exhibits someone who loves and devotes her time in making miniatures. To break it down for you, ‘Pico’ is a small unit in metric system and ‘Worm’ is derived from the word, bookworm as someone who loves to read. Besides, P.W. can also stand as her initials!

Art and photo by PicoWorm

As an artist, Pui Wan turns anything she saw or experienced into her artwork in detail. Inspired by her grandmother, her famous Nanyang Kitchen set took her 5 months to complete.

Another personal collection is the Ban Fong Provision Shop that serves as a remembrance of her childhood. “Realistic miniatures can reminisce their past memories, and the feeling of missing the old days.” Pui Wan shares.

Art and photo by PicoWorm

When did you start turning your passion into a business and what inspired you to do so?
I have always dream to be a miniature artist when I was in secondary school,
because I have seen a lot of Japanese are doing that for living too, so why can’t I? I have longed for this dream so many years, and I put my foot down once I graduated from the university. I think the younger I start the better. There’s nothing to lose even if I fail.

Art and photo by PicoWorm

What is the proudest miniature piece that you have completed and how did you resonate with it?
I’m proud of all of my works! Even though old works are usually uglier compare to the new one, but this is the process. When you look back to the old works, which is not as good as the latest one, I still think it looks great, because it shows how I improve days by days. Every piece has a little memories of my own in it, so it’s hard to pick the proudest one.

Art and photo by PicoWorm

Can you share your upcoming miniature project with our readers?
Oh yes, I’m currently working on a miniature museum project that is going to be opened by this  year (haven’t confirm when is it yet because it depends on my progress rate). This museum will be based in Malacca and we will be featuring miniatures about Melaka landmarks, as well as some of my selected old shops that I think is worth preserving. It’s really an exciting project I’m working on!

PicoWorm miniatures are normally made to order and if you’re lucky, she also sells limited pieces of her miniatures online.

Interview by Jessy Wong

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