Sometimes, great things comes in small sizes. Love it as an art display or flaunt it as an accessory, these artists have mastered the knack of making every inch counts.

A miniature of Love Lane in Penang. Photo by Eddie Putera

What is a Miniature Art?

A piece of miniature art is basically anything that can be held in the palm of the hand. These small sculptures or objects are more often than not a replica of the reality, scaled down to the smallest size imaginable.

Art and photo by Eddie Putera

Dating back millenniums ago, miniature art or painting can be traced as a collector’s hobby to gather miniature paintings, drawings and sculptures. Although it is not common, the miniature trend has been timeless. Perhaps, the most popular miniature art that the masses can relate to is a dollhouse.

An old oriental cabinet miniature. Photo by PicoWorm

Well that, is about to change. Contemporary miniaturists of Malaysia show their love for the country by remaking their favourite childhood memories, creating culture, forming foods and constructing buildings.

An outspoken veteran artist Eddie Putera, the evertalented Lim Pui Wan (founder of PicoWorm) and polymer clay artist, Ling Hooi Yin (founder of TinyPinc), are among the skillful artists to note from the pool of miniaturists.

They never missed anything down to the tiny little bits of details and it will make one to fall in love with all things Malaysian, again.

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