Initially debuted at China in 2016, BingoBox has journeyed across the South China Sea to Malaysia in launching the country’s first humanless high-powered retail at Bukit Bintang.

Ribbon cutting ceremony at BingoBox. From left; Shairan Huzani Husain (Managing Director of Shell Malaysia), Chen Zilin (Founder and CEO of BingoBox China), Ng Seong Ping ( CEO of Scientific Retail), Christopher Tiffin (CEO of Boost) and Remus Shai (CEO of Ximplicity)

BingoBox Retail Technology is a brainchild Chen Zilin, the founder and CEO of BingoBox China and completed by Scientific Retail with various patented technology that innovates the future art of retail. To date, BingoBox is installed in over 400 locations in China.

Humanless & Cashless

The growth and advancement of technology have brought us far from the ways humans used to do things from daily tasks, commute, communications, economy and many more. The groundbreaking entrance of a smart shop in our country truly proves that technology is revolutionalising our world.

BingoBox is a 24-hour unmanned store with facial recognition, 24-hour remote customer service, patented artificial intelligence for theft prevention. This new automated shop aims to provide a futuristic shopping experience that is exciting, cost-efficient and practical for consumers.

Ng Seong Ping, CEO of Scientific Retail

During the launch, Ng Seong Ping, CEO of Scientific Retail shares that, “We believe that this technology, coupled with local enhancement, will be ideal for the Malaysian market and we are delighted to be the first partner outside of China to introduce this technology.”

How Does It Work

BingoBox retail is in the size of a large shipping container that guarded by 24-hour security camera. To enter, one needs to download the BingoBox mobile application (available on both Google Play and Apple Store) and register an account with your phone number. Upon successful registration, one can scan the QR code by the BingoBox door to unlock the entrance.

Once entered, you may shop as you please without the supervision of store attendants. For purchase check out, the customer may place up to 5 items in the cashier box that will automatically read and scan the items. The cashless transaction can be completed via credit and debit card or pay through e-wallet like Boost.

If you need any assistance, it is just a click away for face-to-face remote customer support. The facial recognition security in BingoBox will be able to read unpaid items and impede the individual from exiting the store until all items are paid for.

First in South East Asia

The 24-hour BingoBox is now opened and located in front of STG Bukit Ceylon in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

Text by Jessy Wong

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