There is something rustic and nostalgic about discovering a country through a train, especially a luxury train. It offers an unprecedented view of the country’s terrain that is different from the view on top. So if you have at least a week to spare, taste the luxury of travelling via locomotion to explore regions that are only accessible by train.


Golden Eagle Luxury Trains

Heart of Persia Package – 14 days – Price from £10,995pp

The mystical country of Iran is filled with the history of the Persian Empire and miles of desserts being home to pantheons and city fortresses. The Heart of Persia package will take you to modern cities like its capital Tehran and the holiest city in Iran, Mashhad. Visit the mud brick ancient city of Rayen and bask in the former capital of the Persian Empire, Susa where Darius 1 the Great built a sprawling palace. Lovers of the arts would be hypnotised by the city of Shiraz which is known in Iran as the city of poetry and literature.

The trains are equipped with three types of cabin, all with an LCD television, air-conditioning and private bathroom for optimum comfort. Take in the views at the Bar Lounge Car where guest can sip afternoon tea or play a hand of cards in plush maroon sofas. Learn about the vast history of Iran as the car also hosts history and culture lectures by expert guest speakers.


Deccan Odyssey

Indian Sojourn – 8 days – Price from 3,71,900 rupees

The best way to experienced India is through their trains. The Indian Sojourn will take you to visit the architectural wonders of India like the City Palace in Udaipur built during the Mewar dynasty or be transported back in time after seeing the blue hues of Jodhpur seen from the top Mehrangarh Fort. Plus, an India journey would not be complete without visiting the majestic Taj Mahal.

The trains offer two gourmet restaurants serving exquisite local delicacies fit for a raja in a coach decorated with traditional wooden carvings that add a sense of grandeur. Something special is the fact that the trains offer spa services where masseurs incorporate ancient Indian techniques into today’s spa menu after a long day of exploration.


Eastern & Oriental Express

Singapore to Bangkok New Year Celebration – 4 days – Price from RM17,371

A treat for those looking to celebrate New Year in style and opulence, E&O Express takes you on a ride across three countries for a wonderful view of the South East Asian countryside. It departs from Singapore, making its way to Kuala Lumpur’s iconic train station that still has a colonial charm of the olden days. Then it is a stop in Penang for a guided tour of Georgetown before heading to Pattalung for a celebratory New Year’s dinner with music drinks and fireworks.

Fine fabrics and decorative marquetry decorate the cabins that are all fully air-conditioned with en-suite bathrooms. Listen to the dulcet sounds of live piano music in the bar car as you sip some unique tipples. While the colonial-style teakwood observation deck allows visitors to breathe in the clean air of the countryside while indulging the scenic landscapes of paddy fields and mountain ranges. 

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