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If you are unfamiliar with this name, it shows that you have not laugh enough in your life.   Singapore’s most illustrious comedian, Kumar, is hosting show tours named “Kumarsutra” across 7 states from September to October 2017 – extending his stand-up comedies to more Malaysians.

Heart of Kumarsutra

Having been in the entertainment world for more than 20 years, Kumar’s talent extends from being a television host, theatrical actor, singer, dancer and published author. Kumar’s humour derives from his own personal struggle in life, making amusements out of his difficulties.

Kumar is also known for his raunchy jokes that hits the mark at the core. This tour promises to bring laughter and happiness as a form of unity that will transcend across age, gender and race.

Be a Part of the Tour

Show tickets are up for sale at Ticketpro Malaysia with seats ranging from RM80 for Silver audience to RM300 for VIPs.

Presented by LOL Events, you can catch him at Ipoh (8 Sept), Penang (9 Sept), Melaka (15 Sept), Miri (23 Sept), Kota Kinabalu (24 Sept), Kuala Lumpur (29 Sept) and Johor Bahru (14 Oct).

For more information, visit the official tour website or the Facebook page.

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