Metaphysics professional Mitra Chen shares how each year can bring a unique theme to each individual. Life Path number reflects your lifelong character but Personal Year number will lay out what you may experience in the coming year.

Be prepared either it is a new experience, obstacles or opportunities, there are always something to learn by the end of the day. As Mitra believes it, everyone’s life destiny is in our hands and it will always be up to us to design it.

Number 1

Life Path

You are both a thinker and a seeker. You live a lot in your head to do self-reflection anddirecting the intuitive side in you. By doing that, you may feel that others do not see the world in the same way as you.

Personal Year

Self-exploration is an excellent theme for travelling to be on a personal, eat pray love kind of journey. The urge to seek for your true self and inner peace will allow you to develop internally.

GAP Suggests: South Jeolla Province, South Korea

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Away from the cityscape, Chungnyeongsan Mountain in Jangseong County is a cypress forest covered landscape. It is also known as the ‘healing forest’ for trekkers to undergo a retreat of senses. Meditating in the scenic forest can rejuvenate one’s body and mind in the refreshing cypress-scent air.

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If you want to know what your number is, easily learn how to calculate your Life Path and Personal Year number here. Click on the numbers below to reveal more core personalities and travel style for 2019.

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Mitra Chen

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Mitra Chen is a metaphysics professional with specialities in bazi, qimen dunjia, fensghui, date selection and numerology. Based in Kuala Lumpur, she is also the founder of Joy Mitra Resources that provides freelance personalised consultation to individuals and corporate clients. Contact Mitra at or call +6014-3301569 for personal analysis.

Text by Jessy Wong

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