Call it a travel diary or scrapbooking, the collection of adventures and mementos from your trip can be a wonderful memoir in years to come. The new Canon Mini Photo Printer makes keeping a travel journal effortless with its portable and expressive ways to record memories.

The creative way of making a log of travels extends beyond the sentimental and artsy community in perfecting their visual diary. Travel journaling has become a trending hobby because the satisfaction of gathering tangible objects and assembling it into an experience and memory is irreplaceable. 

Now, up your game with Canon Mini Photo Printer to enjoy the freedom and excitement in imagining your travel journal. After all, travel journaling is all about capturing vivid visits and Canon’s mini portable printer just refashioned the ways of creating a travel journal at anywhere and anytime you want.

Snap and print

Enjoy a wireless printing with Canon Mini Photo Printer just by pairing it to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The lightweight and compact mini printer has a built-in battery for easy mobility during travels. 

Personalised photos 

Canon Mini Photo Printer mobile app has an extensive library of photo-editing tools from filters, photo frames, creative stamps and textbox to draw on artworks to enhance photos before printing.

Glossy Prints

The ZINK Zero Ink™ Technology enables dry-printing in full colour without having to use any ink catridges in the mini printer.

Scrapbook material

Put your glue away for these mess-free glossy photos! Printed photos from Canon Mini Photo Printer have a peel-and-stick reverse side for scrapbooking in a jiffy.

Enlarging mementos

Blow it up if the standard 2×3-inch image does not give the photograph its justice. Canon Mini Photo Printer has a “tiling” function for you to enlarge a photo by printing in tiles to create a bigger photo made up of multiple collage prints.

Basic Toolkit for Travel Journaling:

• Canon Mini Photo Printer (model number PV-123)
• Unlined notebook
• Coloured pens
• Washi tapes
• Travel stubs

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