Korean beauty products have made its way into the Malaysian market for some time now and it remains a popular selection. There’s a reason why K-beauty products stay on and why more K-beauty brands continue to enter the Malaysian beauty industry.

Korean beauty products are known for their vast choices of selection that allow buyers to choose according to what attracts them and what they are looking for. 

Moreover, Korean brands do not solely focus on their wide array of cosmetics but also their skincare products targeting different skin types and their needs. Although many Korean brands are owned by huge conglomerates such as Amore Pacific, the price, quality, branding and packaging varies and ranges from low to high-end. Consumers can purchase the brands according to their purchasing power and needs. I believe the different price point for each brand exist because of its history. After all, products are very subjective according to individuals and what suits.

Some K-brands you can easily spot in numerous malls are Sulwhasoo, Laneige and Innisfree. 

Sulwhasoo is known for its luxurious ginseng that is infused in their signature products and it is a heritage brand that represents Korea. The overall impression of the brand exhibits the traditional Korean culture and it is not surprising why gifting Sulwhasoo products to honourable guests, signifies a piece of what Korea is known for. Sulwhasoo is widely known internationally and many have raved about its quality and results. However, there is no doubt that the price range is on the higher side ranging from RM100 and above. I personally enjoy a couple of products from this brand such as their make-up balancer, hydro-aid moisturizing soothing cream, first care activating serum EX, first care activating serum mist and concentrated ginseng renewing cream. You can trust that their signature products are of its finest quality and promising results due to intensive research conducted and the products that remain steadfast even after 50 years, with added improvements. 

When it comes to middle range products that works and do not burn a hole in your purse or wallet, Laneige is the one to go to. They have products that cater for young skin all the way up to mature skin making sure their quality is on par. The one product that Laneige is known for is none other than their sleeping mask. Their stores and products are conveniently found globally and due to its accessibility, many are aware of the brand that also carries positive feedback. Moreover, many well-known celebrities endorse and promote their products. Their price range starts from RM70 onwards. 

Eco-friendly and Jeju originated ingredients are what makes Innisfree the brand it is. Many customers enjoy the array of selection that Innisfree have to offer. From their famous green tea range collection to their custom palette or cushion counter and a spread of their facial sheet masks for buyers to choose from depending on different needs and expected texture. Spoiled with choices along with the more affordable price point, meant that a larger crowd of people have the freedom to buy what suits and are attracted to. Price range starts from RM10 onwards.

All in all, beauty products are very subjective according to individual preferences, what they are looking for and what works. Budget is another factor to consider when it comes to choosing the products. I personally enjoy and notice results with Sulwhasoo as I grow older whereas others may find Laneige or Innisfree equally effective. Therefore, it is best to discover and explore the wide selection available and find the best option. K-beauty products are known to be generous with their samples so there is no harm asking if they could provide you some for you to try them out.

Besides purchasing in stores, you can also look out for websites that carry a wide array of brands such as Hermo and Althea.

Sheet Masks

Sheet masks have become part of a lifestyle for both men and women and it is known to be the key aspect to improved skin quality and texture. The concentrated serum or essence that is infused in sheet masks helps to combat dryness, acne, pores, dullness, to name a few depending on what it is made for. Celebrities are known to depend on these facial sheet masks that contribute to their glowing skin especially amongst the Asian market. Some have even gone to the extreme of masking 2-3 times a day because it claims to have good results for the skin. Additionally, prepping the canvas for make-up to stay and cling on better. There are countless masks and brands to choose from and they all have different feeling and finishes. Some stores you can look out for are SASA, Watsons, Guardian and other stores that carry multiple K-beauty brands.

Travelling Essentials

What are some travelling essentials to bring with you? I would like to share some of my travel tips because you never know when you need them!

• Sunscreen – Very crucial to protect the skin from UV rays that will bring harm to the skin in the long run especially you spend most of the time outdoor when travelling. Best is to apply ones with SPF 50 PA+++ for peace of mind protection. Do reapply because sunscreen may wear out during the day hence sunscreen spray is a good alternative with less hassle.

Make-up wipes & wet wipes – A convenient way to wipe excess dirt before washing. Additionally, when there is no water supply this will come in handy to freshen up temporarily. 

Sheet masks – Good way to wind down after a long day just before sleep and waking up to well rested, smooth and glowing skin. Do pack ones according to the destination and environment you will be in.

Travelling size toiletries – Less bulky and less heavy. Makes a difference if it’s a shopping trip. Samples from your trusted brands are a good way to try something new and you can dispose them whenever it is empty.

Facial mist – Not only does it hydrate but also helps cool down the skin in the heat and a perfect way to freshen up too.

Multi-purpose balm or ointment – To treat dry, flaky skin, itchiness and bites. Great way to use as a lip balm too if you forget to bring one or misplace it. 

• Probiotics, vitamin C & panadol – Falling sick during a trip is definitely not fun at all but having these could help relieve some discomfort. Moreover, it prevents you from falling sick from the lack of sleep and over-indulging.  

Text by Sonia Chang

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