Asia’s leading Japan travel agency, Japan Travel Bureau (JTB) hit new milestones yesterday with the launch of their first interactive kiosk machine in collaboration with Panasonic.

Direct Connection from Japan

The Panasonic machine can be found at JTB Travel Saloon in AEON Shah Alam, located at the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur. Although you can find JTB staff manning the counters at the Travel Saloon, try your hand in the new innovative customer service at the interactive kiosk.

You will chat directly with an operater from Japan, connected via fast-speed internet line. The kiosk machine has an installed webcamera and microphone for smooth communication and a high-quality screen interface.

The Japan’s Technology 

This modern kiosk even have a touch screen table for users and the operator to show each other leaflets and forms from their respective sides. This enables smooth enquiry and explanation for interested travellers to explore options as presented by a local operator in Japan.

Be amazed with the on-screen direct interactive purchase with an operator from Japan while you’re in Kuala Lumpur. The Japanese operators are fluent in both English and Japanese. So who knows, you might even get some extra lcoal tips from them!

To share this momentous joy with Malaysians, JTB will be giving away RM40 AEON voucher for every purchase made by the users of the kiosk till the end of November 2018.

Find the kiosk in Cool Japan Pavilion at AEON Mall Shah Alam at KF10A on the first floor. The kiosk will be operated from 10am till 6pm in the evening daily.

Text by Jessy Wong

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