Chasing beyond latest trends to something much greater, these ethical fashion brands in Southeast Asia are hopeful towards a wholesome betterment through their love for fashion.

Ever since its inception in 2006, Smateria is Cambodia’s most sustainable universal lifestyle trend.

It all began when Jennifer Morellato and Elisa Lion joined hands in transforming their vision for a sustainable business into reality.

Based in Cambodia, Smateria has an eye in turning any material into a chic accessory. Mostly using waste products such as fishing nets, plastic bags and recycled leather, Smateria employs locals–primarily women–as staff with an additional free childcare center on site as a support to working mothers.

The beginning days are over ever since they operated from a small garage space. With positive support from locals and tourists, Smateria now ships internationally and they have five stores all around the country.

Both available in-store and online, this ethical brand has something for everyone from kids’ lunch bag, school bag, men’s backpack and of course, an assorted fashionable bags for the ladies. Look out, they even have a Monopoly set made with waste materials! 

For more on their brand story, hear them out here:


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