“Thank you”, you said before walking away from the immigration counters with a passport in hand and luggage in another. As you wait for your bags to arrive, you curiously opened your passport (mostly to see the stamp and relieve the sense of globetrotting fulfillment from a colourful passport). Instead, you were annoyed. Of all the half-filled pages, the customs officer took up another empty page for one single stamp.

Frequent international travellers will feel the frustration of a wasted visa space in the passport. This is because you will need at least a full blank page for visas; some countries may even need more pages for visa.

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There is a way to max out the use of your passport for the entire period of its validity for frequent travellers. You can finally save the remaining sacred pages in your passport by using common office supplies.

Guess what, the regular post-its you see lying around the office will do the job.

Write a friendly note for the custom officer and stick it to the pages you want to keep it blank. A concise message in a post-it note can actually extend the life of your passport.

“Saving for a visa. Please stamp elsewhere”

To make sure your message is understood and well-delivered, you can also try writing the message in the translated language of the country you are visiting for the ease of the customs officer.

Post-it notes is easily removed and it does not damage your passport.

Text by Jessy Wong

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